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The following titles are narrated by Tom Stechschulte

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 IN DUBIOUS BATTLE by John Steinbeck

Classic Collection read by Tom Stechschulte
A riveting novel of labor strife and apocalyptic violence that maps the frontier where the masses become a mob

 NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN by Cormac McCarthy

Fiction read by Tom Stechschulte
Set along a bloody frontier in our own time, McCarthy's new novel completes his acclaimed, bestselling Border Trilogy.

 RESERVE, THE by Russell Banks

Fiction read by Tom Stechschulte
Part love story, part murder mystery, set on the cusp of the Second World War, Russell Banks's sharp-witted and deeply engaging new novel raises dangerous questions about class, politics, art, love, and madness—and explores what happens when two powerful personalities, trapped at opposite ends of a social divide, begin to break the rules.

 SHUTTER ISLAND by Dennis Lehane

Suspense read by Tom Stechschulte
Teddy and Chuck search a small island in Massachusetts's Outer Harbor for an escaped patient from a federal institution.

 VINEYARD PREY: A Martha's Vineyard Mystery by Philip R Craig

Mystery read by Tom Stechschulte
Violent crime is a rarity on the tranquil shores of Martha's Vineyard, which is why Boston policeman J. W. Jackson turned in his badge to move to the idyllic isle.

ALL  |   I   |   N   |   R   |   S   |   V