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Dancers in the Dark by

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Unabridged on MP3-CD

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Dancers in the Dark
by Charlaine Harris   

Read by Christina Traister   

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Unabridged - 5 Compact Discs / 6 hours.
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PARANORMAL:  Dancers in the Dark, originally from the Night's Edge anthology (featuring Sean and Layla; Sookieverse, but not featuring Sookie): Dancer Layla Rue Le May's childhood prepared her to handle just about anything, including her aloof partner, Sean McClendon, a three-hundred-year-old redheaded vampire. Even so, when she somehow acquires a stalker, Layla Rue is surprised to find that Sean is the only one she can trust…
Original print publisher: Harlequin 2004; Reprinting in Dead of Night, Harlequin, September 2013

The Britlingens Go To Hell from the Must Love Hellhounds anthology: (Sookieverse, but not featuring Sookie): Pits bodyguards Batanya and Clovache against demons, wolfwomen and two hellhounds guarding some unusual prisoners.
Original print publisher: Berkley Trade, September 2009