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We Can Build You
by Philip K. Dick   

Read by Dan John Miller   

Unabridged - 7 Compact Discs / 8 hours.
Audiobook Published by Brilliance Audio

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SCI-FI:  In this lyrical and moving novel, Philip K. Dick intertwines the story of a toxic love affair with one about sentient robots, and unflinchingly views it all through the prism of mental illness ó which spares neither human nor robot. The end result is one of Dickís most quietly powerful works.

When Louis Rosenís electronic-organ company builds a pitch-perfect robotic replica of Abraham Lincoln, the firm is pulled into the orbit of a shady businessman, who is looking
to use Lincoln for his own profit. Meanwhile, Rosen seeks Lincolnís advice as he woos a woman incapable of understanding human emotions ó someone who may be even more robotic than Lincolnís replica.