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Death on Demand by

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Unabridged on MP3-CD

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Death on Demand
by Paul Thomas   

Read by David Tredinnick   

Unabridged - 7 Compact Discs / 8 hours.
Audiobook Published by Bolinda audio

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CRIME FICTION:  Maori cop Tito Ihaka has been dragged back from exile – and Christopher Lilywhite, whom Ihaka suspected was behind his wife’s death, wants to see him.

Lilywhite confesses that he had his wife murdered, but he dealt with the hit-man at arm’s length so has no idea who he is. In quick succession Lilywhite and another potential source of information are murdered.

Ihaka’s old rival Detective Inspector Tony Charlton takes control of the case but with more corpses turning up and Auckland Central stretched to breaking point, Ihaka realises that he’s hunting a faceless and prolific hit-man. Or is the hit-man hunting him?