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Down and Dirty Pictures:
Miramax, Sundance and the Rise of Independent Film
by Peter Biskind   

Read by Phil Gigante   

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Unabridged - 20 Compact Discs / 24 hours.
Audiobook Published by Brilliance Audio

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FILM/TELEVISION:  DOWN AND DIRTY PICTURES chronicles the rise of independent filmmakers and of the twin engines – the Sundance Film Festival and Miramax Films – that have powered them. Peter Biskind profiles the people who took the independent movement from obscurity to the Oscars, most notably Sundance founder Robert Redford and Harvey Weinstein, who with his brother, Bob, made Miramax an indie powerhouse. Candid, penetrating and controversial, DOWN AND DIRTY PICTURES is a must – read for anyone interested in the film world.

"In DOWN AND DIRTY PICTURES, Biskind takes on the movie industry of the 1990s and again gets the story....Peter Biskind captures his era as John Dunne did that of the Zanucks." Frank Rich, The New York Times

"Dishy, teeming, superbly reported...packed with lively inside anecdotes...[a] juicy and fascinating expose." - Entertainment Weekly