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 1105 YAKIMA STREET by Debbie Macomber

Romance read by Sandra BurrListen to an audio sample

 3RD ALTERNATIVE, THE: Solving Life's Most Difficult Problems by Stephen R. Covey

Business read by Dr. Breck EnglandListen to an audio sample

 4 DISCIPLINES OF EXECUTION, THE: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals by Chris McChesney and Sean Covey

Self Help read by Chris McChesney and Sean Covey

 44 CHARLES STREET by Danielle Steel

Fiction/Contemporary Women read by Arthur MoreyListen to an audio sample

 47TH SAMURAI, THE by Stephen Hunter

Suspense read by Buck SchirnerListen to an audio sample
The Swaggers, Earl and Bob Lee, who have been featured in half a dozen bestselling novels, return in this intense and exotic thriller.


Young Adult read by Sean CoveyListen to an audio sample

 77 SHADOW STREET by Dean Koontz

Horror read by Peter BerkrotListen to an audio sample

 9TH GIRL, THE by Tami Hoag

Thriller read by David ColacciListen to an audio sample
After six long years, #1 New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag brings back two of her most beloved characters: Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska.

 ABANDON by Blake Crouch

Mystery read by Luke DanielsListen to an audio sample


Children`s read by David PogueListen to an audio sample
What would you do if you discovered you had a magical power? What if it was completely and utterly useless?

 ABDUCTION, THE by Mark Gimenez

Thriller read by Buck SchirnerListen to an audio sample
Imagine the most terrifying thing that could happen…A suspenseful child-abduction thriller with dark family secrets that make the survival of a missing ten-year-old girl more uncertain with every passing minute

 ABRAHAM LINCOLN: The Prairie Years and The War Years by Carl Sandburg

Biography read by Arthur MoreyListen to an audio sample
Originally published in six volumes, Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln was called “the greatest historical biography of our generation.” Sandburg distilled this work into one volume that became the definitive life of Lincoln.

 ABSENCE OF LIGHT, AN by David Lindsey

Suspense read by Dick HillListen to an audio sample
Investigation of a cop's death leads to a rich and ruthless criminal

 ABSOLUTION by Susannah Sandlin

Romance read by Amy McFaddenListen to an audio sample
When his enemies capture a witch to use against him, the vampire once known as the Slayer has no choice but to rescue and protect her — because the woman meant to be a weapon may just be his savoir.

 ACCIDENTAL AFFAIR, AN by Eric Jerome Dickey

Romantic-Suspense read by Christopher LaneListen to an audio sample
Obsession. Intrigue. Murder. New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey once again “pushes romance and deceit to the next level” (USA Weekend), evoking the full spectrum of human emotion in this tantalizing tale of a high-profile marriage rocked by an unhappy accident: infidelity.


Fiction read by Joe BarrettListen to an audio sample
Pulitzer Prize winning author Anne Tyler's An Accidental Tourist features Macon Leary, a travel writer who hates traveling, and follows him on a journey to revitalizing his life, with the help of a larger-than-life dog-obedience trainer as his guide.


Thriller read by Justine EyreListen to an audio sample

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