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Faith-Based Fiction

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 13TH TRIBE, THE by Robert Liparulo

Faith-Based Fiction read by Daniel ButlerListen to an audio sample
When a group of immortal vigilantes threatens millions, only one man is brave enough to stand in their way.

 ABIDING DARKNESS: Book One by John Aubrey Anderson

Faith-Based Fiction read by Lillian Thayer
This first book in a sweeping saga of a young girl’s battle with one of hell’s minions determined to destroy her and those closest to her.

 ACROSS THE YEARS by Tracie Peterson

Faith-Based Fiction read by Sandra BurrListen to an audio sample
The historical Harvey girls will delight listeners with their intrigue and surprise.

 ADAM by Ted Dekker

Faith-Based Fiction read by Tim Gregory
New York Times best-selling author Ted Dekker unleashes his most riveting novel yet . . . an elusive serial killer whose victims die of unknown causes and the psychologist obsessed with catching him.

 AGAINST THE WIND: Book 2 by Bodie and Brock Thoene

Faith-Based Fiction read by Bodie Thoene
As Nazi forces tighten their net of evil over Europe in 1940, famed Jewish concert violist Elisa Lindheim Murphy escapes from Vienna to England. But as German torpedoes streak toward the refugee ship, Elisa will face the greatest trial of her life….

 ALIVE DAY: A Story of Love and Loyalty: Book 2 by Tom Sullivan

Faith-Based Fiction read by the author
Sometimes a "best friend" can be your second chance.

 AMBITION, THE by Lee Strobel

Faith-Based Fiction read by Scott Brick
You will be thrown into a captivating world that connects a disillusioned pastor with a corrupt judge, a cynical reporter, and a gambling addict on a desperate quest for redemption.

 AMISH GATHERING, AN: Life in Lancaster County by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Barbara Cameron

Faith-Based Fiction read by Debra Solberg
Three heartwarming tales of old friends and new beginnings that span one year in an Amish community.

 AN AMISH CHRISTMAS: December In Lancaster County by Beth Wiseman, Kelly Long, Kathleen Fuller

Faith-Based Fiction read by Christian Taylor
December in Paradise. A time of hope, redemption, and new life.

 AN AMISH LOVE by Beth Wiseman

Faith-Based Fiction read by Brooke Heldman
Romance is in the air, old-fashioned courtship is alive and well, and love is an eternal promise.

 AN AMISH WEDDING by Beth Wiseman

Faith-Based Fiction read by Brooke Heldman
Three best-selling authors. Three possible brides. Three separate tales. They come together for an Amish wedding.

 AND IF I DIE: Book 3 by John Aubrey Anderson

Faith-Based Fiction read by G. Valmont Thomas
Anderson concludes his powerful trilogy about the ongoing battle between forces of evil and the good Christian citizens of a 1968 Mississippi community.

 ANGEL SONG by Sheila Walsh & Kathryn Cushman

Faith-Based Fiction read by Sheila Walsh
Angels eagerly watch over Annie Fletcher's every move. She just doesn't know it yet.

 APRIL BRIDE, AN by Lenora Worth

Faith-Based Fiction read by
A year's worth of novellas from twelve inspirational romance authors. Happily ever after guaranteed. War changes everything…even their love.

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